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Remote Connection to a Specific User


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Is it possible to connect to a specific user on one of my computers through another computer on my LAN? I know about VNC but when I switch user it D/C's me. Basically I want to connect to a specific user on a multi user computer when it is logged on but someone else is using the computer on another account. I want to do this because I have spent a lot of time customizing that specific user and the other computers I have just don't cut it. Any suggestions?

P.S. I have also used LogMeIn and it doesn't do what I want.

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I registered UltraVNC as a service. I run UltraVNC and select switch user on user X. When I log into user Y and try to connect to it from another computer it gives me a blank screen. I have also done it with TightVNC with the same results. Did I do it what you said? What isn't working? (It was working when user X was logged on)

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I think he looking more for a terminal server where user X is logged in and he logs into the machine as user Y at the same time. will VNC do that?

Using RDP on windows 2000/3 server yes, other wise no.

Naturally any version of BSD/Linux with a VNC server and working xorg supports this. :P

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Doesnt VNC have an option for SHARED sessions. I know the WinVNC (TightVNC) executable does have an option to logoff other sessions as well as use shared sessions. Is this what your asking? Or am I missing something.

TightVNC's vncviewer.exe also lest you open more than one VIEWER session to more than one pc, so maybe the version your using is not allowing you to have more than one viewer open at the same time and it logs you off before logging you into your next session? I have not used UltraVNC so I do not know what its setup is or settings, etc, but maybe their forum site could help: http://forum.ultravnc.info/

Search and see if anyone asked the same question.

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