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My c2 keeps going unresponsive


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I have a c2 installed on aws lightsail

works perfect, so awesome.................. but

It goes unresponsive after a bit, then I have to do a restart on the

instance and it comes right back up.

I am using an ubuntu instance to run it and I have turned off

sleep and hibernate.


any ideas?

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In what way are you starting C2? Manually, or as a service? Starting it manually in the terminal makes the process terminate when the terminal terminates. If so, you need to set it up as a service to keep it running even when you have no terminal active.

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I have set it up as a service, and to auto start on boot.

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It works fine after a reboot. I can use it as intended, but after period of inactivity if I go back to the address, it’s not responsive, and I have to reboot again before I can interact with it.

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