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I dont understand why mdk4 is missing from my pineapple

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Heyy below is all the things i have tried at last i saw the error i am not sure what to do mdk4 module is not there at all and i am running wifipineapple through the cloud c2 








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As your screenshot show, installing it using opkg isn't throwing back any errors. Although it's obvious it's not possible to execute it after install for some reason. Since mdk4 is a part of the Hak5 customfeeds, I assume that it's supposed to work.

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I remember now that this has been an issue for quite a while now when it comes to the Enterprise. The MDK4 ipk is missing the actual binary.


Either you need to compile it yourself for the Enterprise, or find someone you trust that does it for you. Hak5 will probably not do it since it's outside the scope of what's out-of-the-box when it comes to the Enterprise.

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