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For context I am very new to this and might be missing/saying something very obvious. I would like to connect my Packet Squirrel in between my laptop and my router to capture the traffic on my laptop. I would like to then send this data to Wireshark via SSH on my PC. I am currently attempting the following code:


# Payload configuration
INTERFACE="wlan0" # Replace with your identified network interface
REMOTE_USER="user" # Replace with your remote machine's username
REMOTE_HOST="PC IPv4" # Replace with your remote machine's IP address
REMOTE_PORT="22" # Replace with your SSH port if it's not the default 22


# Start TCPDUMP and pipe the output to SSH
nohup tcpdump -i $INTERFACE -s 0 -U -w - 2>/tmp/tcpdump_error.log | ssh -p $REMOTE_PORT $REMOTE_USER@$REMOTE_HOST "wireshark -k -i -"

Currently I am able to SSH into the packet squirrel on my laptop but not my PC. Am I on the right track/is what I am attempting even possible?

Thank you for any advice. 

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As an alternative method, you could pipe the tcpdump output to netcat on the Squirrel. Then listen on the PC using netcat and pipe that to Wireshark. 

Remember to use a relevant NETMODE on the Squirrel.

Also use a relevant interface to run tcpdump against.

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