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omg cable elite c to c


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Hi I am a new user to omg elite c to c. Spent my whole day to find this answer but still looking. I would be thankful to someone if they can help.

Simply, I am trying my laptop to keylog using Elite c to c and want to know if its possible. Most of the videos I see has a separate keyboard attached but I want to know if its possible to do it with the HP laptop that I am using without an external keyboard.

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Won't even answer a product question, huh? Well, it's not most videos that have a separate keyboard. If it was, some video would have your answer. Anyway, it's not the pinned post that you need to look at but simply the link in the product description. It explains what a hardware keylogger is.


The only realistic method to do what you want on a laptop is with a software keylogger. That kind of malware may be too blackhat to find here, except for Meterpreter or PowerSploit. I also did a quick payload search and found DucKey Logger.

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