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Stuck in purple Led(arming mode) and cant execute any payloads


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Hey guys so i might have killed my bash bunny. I was just testing out the Lazassword payload out and unplugged when it was static green. Then i plugged it in arming mode and suddenly its stuck in the purple led(like first its green and then stuck with purple)

and when this didnt work i tried doing the payload again but after going green for some sec it just powers off

any idea on how to fix this issue?

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2 minutes ago, dark_pyrro said:

What variant of the Bunny is it? Mk1 or Mk2 (w/ Micro SD card)?

When you are in arming mode, can you serial into the Bunny?

Did you try to factory reset it?

Its the Mk2 without micro ad card

nope i cant serial into the bunny when in arming mode

trying to factory reset it rn 😄

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