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OK, I found out a bunch of people in my town. I've been abusing your products.

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I've had this issue with people hacking me for about two years now and I'm a retired IT professional. I'm 58 years old and where I live there's a bunch of kids running around doing things you don't want to get caught doing. . What should I do? It's crazy. They are into everything like cockroaches. They're even in the cops shit and I told them you're hacked you're penetrated and they never had their IT guy call me. I worked in corporate IT for over 30 years and if somebody came up to me and told me, hey, you got a security issue issue or whatever I would've made that call by the end of the day.  They got a bad internal problem because I know they got a guy that works in the data center and then they have other guys that are contractors for the cable company and they're with the bucket trucks. This shit blew my mind what I stumbled upon and I don't wanna do something that's gonna hurt you guys so please give me some advice. these are not good people because I gave them every opportunity to knock it off and if they have a problem with me, they need to come talk to me. I have enough evidence to send them away for a long time. I mean, come on using fucking jammers. I got them using jammers on my fucking Wi-Fi cameras and my neighbors. 

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I was having problems with the forum. I am not abusing anything there is people abusing your products and it's impacting people and they are targeting vulnerable people. I'm not having it local law enforcement. Don't get it. They don't see it. I see it very clearly now do I have to go to the FBI with this? I already put a complaint in on whatever site that is they have nobody ever contacted me back but the level that these guys are at they got guys working in the data center. They got guys that are working on the lines. This is serious shit. 

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