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Evil portals doesn't log credentials on first connection


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Hi guys, 

the portals work great except that they don't log anything the first time I enter my creds. I have to reconnect and enter them again before they get logged. This happens with all the portals. I am using the Kleo Portals.


Any idea what i can do to get the credentials after first login attempt ? 

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21 minutes ago, dark_pyrro said:

Is this the same use case as you've already posted about (twice) in the Nano section of the forums, or are you actually experiencing this on both the Mark VII and  the Nano?

Hi dark_pyrro, I've only had the experience with the Nano. Best regards, DP.

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OK, keep it the Nano section then, you will have the best chances of getting the most relevant answers in the case it's device specific. I haven't experienced it though over the years using the Kleo portals, not with the Mark VII or the Nano.

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