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Should I use utorrent or not now that it has been bought out


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OK, I have a media server that runs a centralized bittorrent client for all the computers on my network. I am currently work on upgrading it, and was considering switching from Azureus to utorrent, but now that it has been bought by bittorent I'm not sure if I should. Not just because they got bought by a company that sold out to the media industry, but also because they seem to be losing support. If people stop using utorrent, and start using say azureus, then doesn't that mean that I will get faster downloads with azureus? I'm worried becasue I was just downloading the same torrent just now in both clients, and I was getting under 20 KB/s with utorrent, and almost 200 KB/s with azureus. Then again this could be an isolated incident. What do you guys think?

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The reason that I think azureus will be faster due to less utorret suport is due to DHT and PEX. Right now azureus does not communicate with other clients through PEX, but is supppose to in future releases. Azureus also has DHT which utorrent doesn't. So the more people switching to Azureus the more DHT, and less utorrent PEX.

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I like Azureus, but I will admit that its got far more features than most people will need. What would be excellent would be a bit torrent client that runs with a ncurses interface or similar and is configured with text files. Anyone know of anything like that? A web interface would be handy, but ncurses would be nicer.

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