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Hak5 EU Meetup Thread


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This sounds great! I'll definetely be there. I'm down for a bit of techy stuff, but I'm more into the idea of drinking much beer and chattin to the ladies.

I'm sorted for accomodation, but I can get some info from my local hostels for you other guys. As for a meetup point, I'm friends with a guy that runs a bar in Camden. How does that sound to you guys?

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hmm well it depends how we do this, unless we can gaurentee some good revenue I doubt we can have th bar to ourselves even if you do know him, BUT, its still cool to be in a place where we know the owner regardless, but for some of the stuff we'd wanna do we might wanna be somewhere other than a bar which raises the question:

how long?

how many days? 1? a weekend? more? cos if we're all in a hostel or wherever, we can piss about all night making mischief or whatever lol. and gives us a bit of a "base" to do everything from and leave our stuff if we go off somewhere and that kind of thing. or if they dont mind the paraphenalia and random stuff hackers tend to bring to places we could run the whole thing from the bar. More days = more expensive but also = more fun, and more people can come because they have a bit of a choice.

I'm totally thinking aloud here lol. I guess this raises the more general question of tone, people have mentioned vendors, others just a geek out in a bar. i guess its where we wanna be on that scale defines our requirements. I think we're nearing the stage when we should get a small group together to keep track of all the ideas and solidify them into plans and make this thing happen. There seems to be great interest in it :D

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cos if we're all in a hostel or wherever, we can piss about all night making mischief or whatever lol. and gives us a bit of a "base" to do everything from and leave our stuff if we go off somewhere and that kind of thing.

It would also give us a place to horde all our recourses until you have enough requisition points to summon the demon prince!



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Someone contact the hostel and see when they are quiet in August. From that, pick a date. We all book rooms and take it from there. Find out if they have a room we could take over for the few days as well so we can set stuff up and secure it.

As soon as people are commited to coming to the event I reckon that things will firm up.

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Keep this thread alive!!!!

Who can find a day venue for this meetup.

Could even be a garage or even a park. We just need somewhere to get this thing started.

I think it would be a good idea to have the place to meet up as the place where people will stay for several hours (or more likely all day until evening) regardless of conditions (it might rain or something, weather being pretty unpredictable), which means probably not a park or garage. My reasoning is that people could be arriving at various times throughout the day, and it would suck to arrive at the meet up point 5 minutes too late and miss the whole thing. Earlier in the thread it seemed like people were talking about using a single hostel as a "base of operations" at it were, which I think is a good idea providing a decent place with enough vacancies can be found. What is really needed is a definite list of people who are coming or are seriously considering it to get an idea of numbers for making enquiries. Since it's in the UK it shouldn't be too expensive for me to come (although I think the train is going to cost as much as my flight to Berlin in June), so I have decided to come now, I think Sparda is planning on coming as well although obviously I can't speak for him.

Also there are still key decisions like length of the meet to consider, I think a weekend seems like a decent period, but I don't know about anyone else.

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I agree with horza. The timing of it a weekend does sound good, it seems like more and more people are coming from overseas, so we want to make it worth while coming over. It will be more expensive, but people can stay as long or little as they like, and people coming from further away will prob need to stay the night regardless.

People mentioned a couple of hostels, I think one of those would be the best place, we just need to decide which one. From there, we can go to bars if we want, or bring alcohol to them, or probably a bit of both. If we have a place like that we can pretty much do what we like. Hostels do have thieves operating in them though, but we can figure something out.

With a nice "base" and at least a couple of days to play with, people can organise whatever fun they want, bring whatever crap they want, and it can be as geeky or nongeeky as you like :D

There is the issue of when. I think we should hear everyone who is most likely coming to post some dates around august which is good for them. If you think august is a silly month, say so as well. Then we can get an idea when is most convenient for people and come up with a good middle ground for everyone. As for me, I'm free pretty much the whole summer as far as I know.

And we should come to a final decision on whether this thing is 18+ or not. Hak5 has a lot of under 18's, it would be nice ot accomodate them for at least some of it, yet at the same time I don't want it to become a babysitting marathon. We could perhaps say under 18's are allowed during the daylight hours of one of the days, and after that its 18+. We could even require parents permission for people who are very young.

Which hostel? What dates work for you? 18+ or not? Get replying!

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re: the age issue

16+ as a minimum, as this is how old you need to be before your not legally classed as a child in the UK. Just makes everything a lot easier to manage in the long run.

I don't know about that, I think a 16 year old is still legally a child, albeit with some extra rights. A 16 year old can leave home with parental consent though (in fact even without it it's pretty rare for a judge to force a 16 or 17 year old to return home), so I guess going to this by themselves isn't really a legal problem. What kind of legal position are adults actually in if minors are at the meetup? Are they actually legally responsible just because they are attending the same meet? What about people who falsely claim to be over 18? Checking IDs would be crazy I think.

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Let's work on getting a date set so we can see what's available then.

The general concensus is already that it should be in August, and during a weekend.

The first weekend of August I'll be mutilating my eardrums at W.O.A.. Any other weekend's still open.

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All the information in this thread is a bit disorganised, it's kind of a mess of who is coming or might be coming, where it should be, when it should be and other issues. I think it would be better is there were separate threads for some of these elements, I think at least a thread where people can post if they areĀ  definitely coming and also a poll for when people can't come might be good. I don't really want to flood the Everything Else section with topics about this though. What about a temporary board for organising this? Or it could even stay and be used for organising other meetups if US people want to organise a meet for example.

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