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Hak5 EU Meetup Thread


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Am I too late to attend - I live in the UK and Im working near london on Friday

If Im not to late to attend, when/where will everyone be meeting up ?

Nope, not too late to attend... we'll probably be in or around the hostel mentioned above. If you come and ask for us in the hostel (ask for either the Hak5 group or the HackPack group I guess) we'll let the hostel know if anyone wants us to get them in touch with us in case we're not in at the time. Unfortunately though we can only arrange that if you're over 18 due to alcohol consumption and the hostel's 18+ restrictions. If you're over 18 though you're more than welcome to come find us. :)

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Just to prove it wasn't all geeky stuff, it should be mentioned that TomB ended up with a Portuguese woman in his bed one night but then spent the night on the floor for some reason :-)

Yeah, but doesn't that make it really geeky? :D

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Taken from a freebie stuff mailing list, here is something to do on Sunday morning:

What's the deal?

The News Of The World, which costs 85p, is giving away free USB memory key drives worth around £3 (redeemable from WH Smith) as part of a promotion for the Bourne Ultimatum film. The USB sticks are portable memory devices you can use with a computer; and they'll also have clips from the film on them.

How can I get one?

A voucher will be printed in Sunday's (12 August) paper. To claim the drive, buy the paper for 85p, and take the voucher into your local WH Smith, where you should get a USB drive in return for it.

Apparently they are probably only 64/128M but for 85p, even if you put a trojan on it and leave it lying around to see what sucker picks it up, it is worth it

I went into town yesterday specially to get this, it turned out to be 32M but even more disappointing was that it only contained one file, a bookmark to a webpage with the real content on it!

I've got a few of these small ones now, may look at setting up a hub with a few on it and trying to get either lvm or raid working on it. I like the idea of a 32M raid 5 setup made from USB sticks.

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