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Fun with the Wii


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i think the wii sucks


I disagree, but that's your opinion. Trying to convince you that the Wii is better would be impossible, unless you are simply uninformed about the Wii.

here ill tell ya Ive played all three at mates houses fr atleast 5hrs a consol and i think PS3 is best 360 second and wii thrid its jsut too childish for me

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Dude who cares? 360/Wii/PS3 is like Win/Mac/Lin. It's all about personal prefs. I could see myself going any which way on the issue and currently I'm a happy Wii'er. Excite Truck pwns. Though Wess will be getting a 360 soon and I'm sure I'll find something exciting about that.

Oh, and for the record, Jamie had to stab a punk to get one. Don't be flashing that around. Profit Beyond!

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