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Hacker meals!


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I think my liver is getting worse just knowing you dude.

I don't really eat breakfast anymore, I've no reason to get up in the mornings now that the awsome cartoons they showed late 80s, early 90s have stopped. Instead, I get up zombielike, and will remain so unless I get a caffine infusion.

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Nah my caffeine intake comes from energy drinks... 1 litre can be purchased from certain UK supermarkets for around 99p per bottle... though offers are often available:

2 x 1l Kick from Tesco Stores Ltd. for £1.50 (~$2.60 US, $3.00 CAN, $3.60 AUS, €2.20 EUR, 310¥ JAP)

3 x 1l Blue Charge from Asda for £2.50 (~$4.40 US, $5.00 CAN, $6.00 AUS, €3.60 EUR, 520¥ JAP)

Both have a ceffeine content of 32mg per 100ml and come in several flavours.

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And here I thought we might actually see some geek cooking. The macaroni and cheese, spaghetti or similarly simple recipies that don't take long to prepare, typically represent all mayor foodgroups, and don't result in a lot of pots and pans you need to wash up after...

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Take one saucepan, empty 1 or 2 cans of baked beans in, depending on how hungry you are/if there's anyone else joining you...

now, as they heat up, when they start to simmer, throw in some mayonaisse (preferrably garlic), add soy sauce, cheese (keep stirring, else it goes solid), ham/pepperoni/sausage/meat of some kind - black pudding works well too, tomatoes, tomato puree/ketchup depending on what you have, though puree is preferable, add other things you think would taste good...

add salt and pepper to taste, maybe mixed herbs or spices depending on your preference..

continue to simmer until the beans are well done (taste doesn't matter, you covered that with the mayonaisse/soy sauce/tomatoes etc...)

Very nutritious, very filling, tastes great and looks... interesting... but it's all good! A small bowl will fill practically anyone up! Serve with a slice of medium-sliced white bread or two or thicker cut farmhouse style bread for full enjoyment.

Takes roughly 10-15 minutes on high heat, turning it down when it starts to boil but YMMV... Great stuff! Accompany with a traditional English ale, beer of your choice or water... water works good with this...

Also works cold (after cooking and sticking it in the fridge) and can (but probably shouldn't) be reheated so can be used for several meals!

Edit: Baked Beans = Haricot beans in ketchup.

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Prepare 2 packs of ramen noodles. Add seasoning packet if desired, but only 1.

Now drain completely and quickly, and put into bowl.

Now crack a raw egg and add. make sure to break the yoke, and slowly stir around.

The heat from the noodles will cook the egg.

But timing is everything. Take too long and it wont cook enough.

You can also just crack the egg and add it while the noodles are boiling for a poached style, but I prefer my way. :)

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I'll post a picture of this next time I make one, but I thought everyone could use the recipe for Artery Cloggers, a sandwich of DOOOOOOOOOOOM!

Take 2 slices of bacon, 2 slices of bread, 1 egg, tomato ketchup and vegetable oil.

Put the oil in a frying pan, on a very high heat, and start cooking the bacon. Whilst it cooks, spread a thick layer of ketchup on both slices of bread, making sure you get even layerage. When the bacon is cooked to perfection (browning slightly), take it straight out of the oil, and without straining it, place onto one slice of the bread.

Next, crack your egg into the (now bacon flavoured) oil, making sure not to break the yolk. When the underside is cooked, flip said egg, without breaking the yolk and cook the otherside. When this is done, finally take the egg from the bacon/vegetable oil, and, without straining it, place the egg on top of the bacon.

Close the sandwich and eat!

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Then I must mention my college breakfasts!

Purchase the following from Asda (or other store that sells this stuff):

2, 4 or 8 pre-cooked Spicy Chicken Fillets (you buy them hot- I generally stick to less since more than you can eat is a waste unless someone is joining you for breakfast),

1 pack of 10 or 20 cheese slices (you know, the plastic stuff?)

1 pack of 4 Ploughman's rolls... large enough and have the misc. seeds on top...

Optionally, mayo... again, garlic if preferred...

Now open your roll (they come in packs of four) and add mayo if you bought any... place 1 or 2 cheese slices on each roll, now place a chicken fillet on the cheese slices and add more cheese slices... if you fancy, add mayo again now and top with the other half of the roll... If you bought 8 fillets, add two instead of one...

Repeat for each roll. by which time the first will be cooling slightly but the cheese slices will have melted... gorge, repeat, go to class!

I generally accompany this with a minimum of 1 litre of caffeine drink, since it is required for a college day...

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My current fav:

Take a chicken leg on the bone, remove the excess skin and fat from the thigh. Stretch the remaining skin tight over the meat. Then place in a *clean* oven proof dish.

Get some olive oil, oregano, salt, peapper and clear honey, mix in a cup, then microwave for about 10 seconds on max. This melts the honey and oil together. Whilst its still boiling, pour over the chicken leg.

Cook on gas mark 5 until its goes crispy and golden brown on top. Use the middle shelf.

To get the best taste, you will need to remove the dish from the oven and with a spoon, poor the juices over the chicken, getting an even coating of the mix. Do this every 10-15 mins.

About 10-5mins before you serve, turn the oven up to gas mark 7 for crispy skin.

Serve on a bed of wild rice...

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