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..though Camtasia shits on it.

I found that rather amusing... :D

Camtasia seems to be the best as far as high-res screen capture quality for motion and stills. Its also nice to output things in more than one format, like Flash, so you can stream directly from your website, and it's also great for tutorials with text overlays at key parts. You can add voice narration as well or drop in any pictures, audio and video when editing.

Most IPTV shows with clear screen shots and video of the monitor are using Camtasia or similar to record the screen. I don't think you'll find anything better for the cost.

If you familiar with windows movie maker, it's just as simple, but with more tools to get the job done. You can then save the video to dump into something like Vegas or whatever, but Camtasia can do it all. It takes some time to figure out all of its controls, but they are fairly easy to learn for even a novice.

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I found "camstudio" which is free and amazing

I think it uses a similar codec to camtasia, in that is uses a lossless screen capturing codec. Camtasia makes their codec freely available as well if you want to use it with other screen recording software, so you don't really need camtasia to capture the desktop if you have another screne recording program.

Camstudio does the same thing as camtasia without all the bells and whistles and editing features of camtasia. Camstudio is the same tool the guys on BSODTV use, and they always seem to have nice screen grabs, so it's a good alternative to Camtasia(anything free that works is always a plus!). 

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