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depends of what its for, raping the site i suggest using Operator method, if its for ur own site, then it can easly be done in PHP, if its someone elses site, then the answer is no, unless u hack them, there will be directories with authentification needed, 9/10 times u will not be able to see these unless u know there name, nor will u be able to folders inside this folder.

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Are there any ways of showing a directory tree of a website :?:

Using linux or windows?

If you log into a shell, like root using telnet you can use a standard list command on unix

Linux: Use ls comamnd with a switch > somefile.txt

or if you have access to the box, say on a windows server

Windows: Use the dir or list command > somefile.txt

Then download the files. You would need to have access to the server either remotely as root or an authorized user. If your just using the web, try google with: "inurl:www.somsite.com" and any site with the url that it has indexed should come up, but this limits you only to only the publicly available files in the site that google was able to index.

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