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Google Apps Question


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My email provided by google apps seems to be failing.

My dns report is here.


Here are my dns settings.

haroldsearchnetworks.net. MX 10 86400 aspmx2.googlemail.com.

calandar.haroldsearchnetworks.net. CNAME 1 86400 ghs.google.com.

docs.haroldsearchnetworks.net. CNAME 1 86400 ghs.google.com.

ftp.haroldsearchnetworks.net. A 1 86400

game.haroldsearchnetworks.net. CNAME 1 86400 hsnclanserver.gotdns.com.

haroldsearchnetworks.net. A 1 86400

haroldsearchnetworks.net. MX 5 86400 alt1.aspmx.l.google.com.

haroldsearchnetworks.net. MX 5 86400 alt2.aspmx.l.google.com.

haroldsearchnetworks.net. MX 1 86400 aspmx.l.google.com.

haroldsearchnetworks.net. MX 10 86400 aspmx2.googlemail.com.

haroldsearchnetworks.net. MX 10 86400 aspmx4.googlemail.com.

haroldsearchnetworks.net. MX 10 86400 aspmx5.googlemail.com.

haroldsearchnetworks.net. NS 1 86400 ns1.editdns.net.

haroldsearchnetworks.net. NS 1 86400 ns2.editdns.net.

haroldsearchnetworks.net. NS 1 86400 ns3.editdns.net.

haroldsearchnetworks.net. NS 1 86400 ns4.editdns.net.

mail.haroldsearchnetworks.net. CNAME 1 86400 ghs.google.com.

pages.haroldsearchnetworks.net. CNAME 1 86400 ghs.google.com.

start.haroldsearchnetworks.net. CNAME 1 86400 ghs.google.com.

voice.haroldsearchnetworks.net. CNAME 1 86400 voice.gameservers.com.

www.haroldsearchnetworks.net. A 1 86400

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Well jesus christ man! Where is the error message? How is it failing? Can you post a bounce back message with full headers?

ERROR: I could not complete a connection to one or more of your mailservers:

aspmx2.googlemail.com: Timed out [Last data sent: [Did not connect]]

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haha i find this thread amusing... though thats most of hsncorrosion's threads...

hsncorrosion, read Vako's OP, then read what Moonlit, and Vako have both repeated, if u dont understand the big words used, goto google, and type "Define:****", then go back to Vako's OP re-read, then post ur resaults of what he asks.

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:wink: Maybe he should just post his login and password so someone could check it for him. I am sure we could get it working... :ninja:
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... its tech humor, i knew u wouldnt get it hsncorrosion.
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