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How to run a python file from flipper zero?

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Im new to programming and I got my flipper zero, I want to run a python file with rubber ducky but I just dont know how, I tried opening powershell and running it from there, but for some reason it doesnt find the file. No one explains it on github, and everyone on youtube just assume you know. If someone can at least give me an example of how that should look like, or any idea of what the problem may be. Thanks.

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This isn't the place to ask questions related to the Flipper Zero. This forum section is about the Hak5 USB Rubber Ducky "classic"/1st gen. Any "Ducky Script" related questions that's about knock-off (unlicensed) variants of Ducky Script should be discussed elsewhere. Only Ducky Script used with true Hak5 devices is relevant.

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