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1440x900 is the native resolution for nearly all 19" WS LCD displays (notebooks/laptops are the exception) so you probably wont be able to go higher.

If you want/need higher resolution you'll need to move to a larger monitor.

20, 21 & 22" WS are usually 1680x1050 native, 24 & 27" 1920x1200, 30" 2560x1600.

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Well, don't know what OS your using, but if your on XP, you could try this:

Bring up the desktop properties, then the settings tab. Click ADVANCED then ADAPTER and LIST ALL MODES. This will show you all possible modes and sizes for your graphic adapters, but your Monitor might not support them. If you select one that doesn't work, don't click anything and it should refresh back, otherwise, you could end up with a blank screen and not know where to click. You would then have to reboot into safemode and switch it back from what you selected.

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