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Dead key support for international keyboards

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I' ve been looking into getting a rubber ducky but in Canada we have those funny canadian french (CAFR) keyboards. I know they look insane don't laugh.


The problem is that they use deads keys: a special key that does nothing on it's own until a second key is pressed. Ex: if I want to do an 'ê', I need to press the '^' key then the 'e' key.

I've looked at the rubber ducky layouts on layout, specially the CAFR one, and it doesn't seem like it dead keys are supported?

I'm mostly asking because an important symbol, the '^', needs a dead key combo ('^' key + 'space' key)

Does the rubber ducky compiler support dead keys correctly?

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I haven't verified it against any CAFR keyboard layout specifically, but I know that other keyboard layouts/languages that uses the same kind of "logic" works when using the Ducky. I.e. if you only press the key representing the ^ char, then nothing happens. But if you press space or the e key after ^ has been pressed, then it either outputs ^ or ê.

Something like


REM or



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