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Hello. I set up my u3 usb device using TehHacks' method. I set up some of my own payloads, but I am having trouble running them in the background. A cmd windows opens and quickly exits, which takes the stealthyness out of the whole operation.

Is there a good was to run a batch file in the background?

I found a great many tools which start hide a running batch file, but these are command-line tools, which also must pop up a cmd window. I also wrote a nice little vbasic script to run a program without showing anything, but when I tried running it on other computers I needed the microshaft vbasic libraries.

Any ideas?


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Guest TehHacks

Cool, someones using my method :P.

I'm not exactly sure how to solve your problem, but check out the "quite riot" payload. I'm pretty sure the CMD window does not pop up with this payload, maybe you could check it out and see how its done there and incorporate it into your own payload.

Hope this helps.


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If you are running it from an App, you could try the Hide Method. e.g. In VB6 you could do
Shell "cmd.exe " & App.Path + "run.bat", vbHide

So using this method according to the line of code you would only have to change "run.bat" to say "go.bat" or whatever the .bat filename was?

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