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WiFi Pineapple Mark VII Modules/Packages not showing up


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Hi Guys! I am using WiFi Pineapple Mark VII with OS version 2.1.3, I connect to internet via Client mode but not able to load any Modules or Packages and the erros shows "Failed to obtain available packages. Please check your internet connectivity settings.Anyone faced simialr issue in this OS ? or any workaround to get the Packages and Modules  shows up??

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Are you 100% sure the Pineapple has got internet access (can be verified by pinging, for example, www.google.com from the web UI terminal or an ssh session).

Are you located somewhere in the world where restrictions may be implemented when it comes to reaching certain online services?

Are you "trigger happy" in the way that you are maybe too fast to load available modules. It has happened to me some times, but then I just wait a bit and try again to make it work.

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