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Omg c cable to charge and connect to wifi while charging

Sam hass

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I need a c cable connection , the idea is while the user is charging the phone I need to connect to wifi and install keylogger. 

Does the cable come with keylogger installed ?

If not what is the best cable to do the job? And what code do I use to run the script ?

Also do I need the phone password screen unlocked to run the script ? Or keylogger ?

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The O.MG cables are tools that you can use to inject keystrokes (the cables *basically* act like an automatic keyboard), so you'll need to be able to be able to install and run your own payload on the target device via keystrokes. And yes, your target device will need to be unlocked in most cases.

The keylogger functionality is a thing if you use the cable to connect a keyboard to e.g. a computer.

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