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Not sure if my ducky arrived physically damaged.


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Just got my first ducky and immediately opened it up (naturally).

The sd card just  doesn't want to come out.

It doesn't seem have the standard "click in to pop out" mechanism, pulling with a fingernail makes it move a mm then it stops, I don't really want to force it. Any advice? Is this normal?



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I would consider this normal. There's no "click in to pop out", you have to pull it out without any aiding mechanism. The thing is that the USB-C connector is a bit in the way of the "path" that the Micro SD card needs to be fully released/pulled out. When in need, I usually just lift it gently with my fingernail and pull it out, or use a spudger to lift it. However, you shouldn't be needing to remove the Micro SD card in a normal situation, just use the button to put the Ducky in "arming mode" and access the content of the card.

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