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c2.hak5.org down? Licensing issue due to error 526

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I just paid to upgrade my C2 license to Professional tier, but noticed that my C2 server is now unable to validate licensing.



I noticed that https://c2.hak5.org is (at the time of this post) throwing an SSL error so I'm guessing this might be why:




My original community license C2 is now stuck in a licensing prompt loop and I can't spin up a fresh C2 as during setup all I'm getting are infinite 500 and 418 errors (lol).

Any staff around that might be able to resolve this please?

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Another user has reported the same issue on Discord. It looks like the https://c2.hak5.org cert expired 2 days ago: https://crt.sh/?id=9739993486

I suspect like this is a wider issue possibly affecting all Hak5 C2 instances. For now, if you have a live Hak5 C2 running and are not experiencing any issues, I would recommend you do NOT click re-activate or upgrade, as this will likely cause your Hak5 C2 to try to contact the https://c2.hak5.org licensing server and you'll end up with the same problem we have.

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It will contact the server at least during normal startup as well, so those that want to start an "untouched" C2 server will have problems as well. I seem to remember that it checks it periodically when running as well, but I might remember that wrong. As I said on Discord, it affects instances that has been installed years ago as well, so it's not directly related to upgrades specifically (I also tried with the 3.2.0 binary and it does the same thing, i.e. doesn't start since it can't verify the license against the Hak5 infrastructure).

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