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Add WifiPineApple WLAN0 interface to Kali VM (on vmware) ?


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Hi everyone !

I just received my PineApple Mark VII and it is connected to my Kali VM. The interface appearing in my Kali after typing $ifconfig command is ETH1 with the famous IP 172.16.42.X
The other interface is the ETH0 which is set in Bridge, the one linked to my host (W10).

On PineApple GUI when I use the web terminal and type again $ifconfig, I have a bunch of interface like wlan0, wlan1 etc... I would like to linked one of the interface to my VM (you have understood I need Wifi interface on my VM). Do you know how to proceed ? I didnt find anything clear yet on internet so I try my luck here 🙂

Bext regards to all of you !

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Not exactly sure why you need to do that when you have a wired interface already connected to the VM, but I guess you don't want that (i.e. just powering the Pineapple from some power source and not connecting it using USB-C to the VM) but instead connect wirelessly from the VM to the Pineapple(?)

In the case you want to connect using wireless, just add a physical WiFi adapter from the hypervisor to the VM and then connect the VM to one of the access points of the Pineapple. Either the open AP or the management AP.

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Do what now? Maybe you haven't thought about this, but eth1 is an interface on the Kali VM. The wlan0-1 and wlan0-3 interfaces are on the Pineapple. The USB Ethernet adapter allows you to connect from your PC to the Pineapple. You need to connect a WiFi adapter directly to your host and pass it through to your guest. There's no such thing as installing a network adapter from a remote machine on a local one.

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