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XP Pro with earlier, or no, service pack


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I have a couple of laptops, each installed with XP Pro SP2 OEM. I'm keen to "play around" with earlier versions of XP Pro (without service packs) to learn about the security. I've checked ebay to see if there are any installation disks kicking around but there aren't. Does anyone have any idea where I can get one? I have the OEM COAs, so only need the installation disk. Ideally I'd like without any service packs and also SP1.

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I sure did. Maybe it was a hint to move to Linux but, as I said in my original post, I want to kow more about the security in earlier versions of XP Pro. I've already "dipped my toes in the water" as far as Linux is concerned.

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when one suggests linux you have to kind of think..do they really use it or are they jumping on the bandwagon?

anyways i run a site m0u53.com i can uplaod the cd there as an iso or i can do megaupload i have xp sp1 no slipstream no hack pure geninune shinny and pretty cd and ill even give the authentic cd-key away to ya :)

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