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Firmware is not adapting to the set regulatory domain on the MK VII.


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So I'm in the netherlands, where we use DFS-ETSI, meaning there's a whole range of channels we use that are allowed here, but apparently not in the USA.

Here's the issue though, the pineapples' region settings are set to NL, if I do an iw reg get on the terminal I'm also getting NL: DFS-ETSI, yet when I'm trying to do anything on say a channel 56 or 112 or whatever, you name it, I get the message: "This network is on a restricted channel (56) in the DFS / UNII-2 / UNII-2E ban. This set of channels is restricted by regulatory bodies, and Deauthentication injection is not permitted."

I'm on the very latest stable firmware, and have tried factory resets, all to no avail.

So now I'm not only unable to do any pentesting with this device considering pretty much everything, everyone, and their mom, here uses channels that are apparently not allowed in the USA, which is what the firmware thinks the region is set to for some reason, I'm also now in violation of my local laws because the device is operating on channels that aren't allowed here..

This seems like a bug to me, I feel like it should adapt to whatever region its' in. Especially when its' explicitly set to that region.

Essentially I now have an expensive little useless black box that doesn't allow me to do anything here

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Okay, well it seems to me like a bug, but I'm not sure if it's intentional or not, either way is this not supposed to be the intended behavior? And if not, is there any way for me to fix it for now other than wait for a bugfix/new firmware? (I'll submit a bugreport either way)

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For the channels you mention, there shouldn't really be any difference between US and EU when it comes to regionally allowed channels. My guess is that it has more to do with DFS specifically rather than geographically related regulations. If a channel is a DFS channel, it will block injection attempts. It's "by design" and I think it would be problematic to sell a device that has gone through FCC "certification" that doesn't commit to WiFi standards. So, it doesn't matter if you're in the Netherlands or the US, if you try to inject stuff on a DFS enabled channel, it will reject the operation.


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So according to that list channels 56 and 112 for example should be allowed under the USA regulatory restrictions, but just don't allow injection under either regulations? The odd thing is that when I use a regular linux device it does not restrict injecting on those channels.

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