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Enterprise Pineapple stuck on boot - solid blue light, but can't get to it via usb-c and no SSID's showing up

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I've been happily using the Wifi Pineapple for the past 6 months or so. Today when taking it out for an engagement, it wasn't showing the normal SSID's, so I connected via USB-C, rebooted and then nothing. I thought maybe something got hosed on a module install, so went to recovery. Went throught the outlined steps, and got to the Recovery site via the and uploaded the recovery firmware. It shows a fast blinking red led (second LED) while it appears to be flashing the firmware, and then it reboots, and almost immediately goes to a steady blue led (first led). At this point, I don't see any Pineapple_xxxx SSID's, and I can't get to it via USB-C. I power cycle, and ended up running through the recovery again .. and again same results. Steady Blue LED, no SSID's and no response from USB-C Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. Not sure what I'm missing here.

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