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Howdy, any chance we can get the openwrt firmware tweaks for PS open sourced? or are they and I just can't find them?


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Preface: I barely know what I'm doing


@dark_pyrro I haven't even looked at the openwrt firmware yet, I know that's open source, I just know hak5 has done at least some minimal sprinkling on top of that base build. Maybe there's some lore in the changes that were made ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I can't find docs.

Baby steps, I'd consider changing the default password and flashing a new PS firmware image a win. 


Then I want to play with this https://lwn.net/Articles/872033/

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What's in the docs is what's supported when it comes to the Packet Squirrel as a product. If you want to poke around and change things other than that, it's up to you, but don't expect to get support about such stuff from Hak5. I haven't seen many things that are closed source (but of course there is) when it comes to Hak5 products. Most Hak5 specific functionality is fully readable and possible to change (at your own risk). I'm on vacation now far away from my Packet Squirrel so I can't point in any specific direction, but a lot of things (most) are located in /usr/bin and if you find something that you can't look into since being closed source, then it is closed source. Nothing to do about it. Either it'd be Hak5 specific things or other packages/features that might be possible to install in OpenWrt. I'd suggest starting to get familiar with basic out-of-the-box features of the Packet Squirrel and read the documentation before starting to think about changing things related to the product. Especially if you barely know what you are doing.

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