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Need to find a media player that does not use my nvidia gpu


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I have a laptop that runs the latest version of Kali (as of 15/06/23 anyway) and with this being a laptop i need to save as much power as possible.

I have in place bbswitch and bumblebee which turn off my nvidia gpu when not in use.
This laptop has intel and nvidia gpu's
I also use autocpu-freq and tlp to help with the power management.

After all this i get about 3 or 3.5 hours of battery life.

This is fine until i need to watch a small video, then my nvidia gpu starts and my battery level decrease dramatically.

I use vlc but happens with some others i have tried.

Does anyone know of a way or a media player that does not invoke my nvidia gpu, maybe a way to let my intel gpu take care of it instead



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