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The red light on my new Rubber Ducky stays on


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Try inserting the Ducky to a computer without any Micro SD card. If the LED is red, then there's nothing wrong with the ducky itself.

Red LED with a Micro SD card inserted could be due to:

- Bad formatted Micro SD card. Try to reformat it (do not use quick format). Use the SD Association formatting tool if on Windows or Mac. If on Linux, use gparted or such. Make sure it's one (1) partition only.

- The inject.bin file should be the "product" of the encoding feature in Payload Studio, doing it some other way might corrupt the bin file making it useless

- Make sure the inject.bin file is name exactly inject.bin and nothing else. Not inject (1).bin inject.bin.bin inject.bin.txt or such. There are numerous examples of users that don't really check the real file name and just accepts what (most often) Windows tells them. If showing file extensions is disabled in Windows, this might lead to issues as it looks like the file is named inject.bin when it probably isn't

- Use a file system type for the Micro SD card (i.e. FAT) that the Ducky likes


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