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Selling: Pineapple MK VII, Shark Jack, and more


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Leaving all this behind to find a cushy desk job, or I might finally get that basket weaving degree. In either case, I have no further need of the following equipment. The most used was the Alfa kit as I loved war driving. Anyway, I have included links to ImgBB with images of everything, including verification of ownership. Any questions, just ask. Looking for reasonable and fair offers, thanks!

WiFi Pineapple Mk. VII

  • Hak5 soft case
  • Hak5 round pineapple patch
  • Hak5 rectangular patch
  • Pineapple Mk. VII
  • Instruction card
  • Cables

Pineapple Kit - Complete

Pineapple Kit - Case

Pineapple Kit - Case Open

Shark Jack

  • Opened the tin container to look and marvel at, never even used it. It is a wonderful piece of kit, just never found the time to put it to use.

Shark Jack

Shark Jack - Open Tin

Shark Jack - Open Cover

Alfa 802.11 b/g/n USB WiFi adapter

  • Has promiscuous and monitor modes, perfect for War Driving
  • Original -5db antenna included
  • Alfa's -9db 12-inch antenna
  • BU-353SS4 USB GPS antenna
  • Alfa's car mount with visor clip only (suction cup failed and dried up, not included)

Alfa Kit

Alfa and GPS antenna

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