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Just recieved rubber ducky. Looking for a small modification to the BRUTE FORCE payload


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I have an android phone locked with a 4 digit code,  the brute force works on it.  I need the time between trys to be 125 seconds.  The way it currently written it does 5 codes then a pause ,  I need it to be 125 seconds between every try,  I am new to programing an have not been able to mod it to work yet.   I am trying to help someone get into a phone from a relative that passed away.  any help would be appreciated.



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I assume that you don't have the Google password, either. So this attack is considered to be patched out. I did some basic testing, and it looks like Android will still trigger a lockout. It's for 30 seconds, at least initially, but it is slow. Initially, you could bruteforce a PIN within 16 hours, but with a 125 second pause, you will need approximately a week to have a 50% chance of cracking the PIN. 

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