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Configuring for USB Mass Storage.


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I'm trying to test out a very specific use case on a device I'm doing a pen test on.  I purchased Key Croc as it seemed like it could work for my use case.

I'm trying to do hardware ID cloning using a specific VID/PID that is whitelisted on the device I'm testing, but instead of using it as a keyboard, I want to use the udisk partition to see if I can get it to detect as a mass storage device to see if I can transfer files to the device.

I've used this as a reference:

but it does not seem to work.  Could someone help me out with the exact syntax and clarification if I only need to make this change in the config.txt file, or if I need to do anything in the payloads directory.

I don't want to post the specific PID/VID but for example, lets say it is these:
PID PID_0X0088

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OK, to sum it all up when it comes to the use case...

- no attached keyboard to the Croc

- Croc attached to the target machine

- only want the Croc to enumerate as storage on the target

- the storage used is the udisk on the Croc

- a specific VID/PID is desired for the storage device

Did you try creating a payload that includes:


(or whatever VID/PID that you want to use)?

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I did try that payload.  This is what it still detect as when I plug it into my system.  It's also not showing the vid/pid I'm configuring.
RNDIS/Ethernet Gadget HID (Human Interface Device)

The device I'm pen testing doesn't see it at all, I suspect because it's not detecting the right pid/vid.


I've added that line in both the config.txt and in the /payloads/example_payload.txt with the same results as above.


For what it's worth, I verified it's on the latest update and it is reading from the config.txt without issue as my wifi configuration is detected properly.


I'm not sure what else to do.  I think I'm configuring it right but my laptop and the device I'm testing is not seeing my custom configured vid/pid.

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