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Setting up Packet Squirrel in C2


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On 5/26/2023 at 3:46 PM, dark_pyrro said:

If you ssh into the Squirrel, can you ping your C2 server? Where is the server located? Somewhere on the internet or on your local network?

The C2 is located on my local server (local host and when I ping it from the Squirrel it receives all the packets

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51 minutes ago, dark_pyrro said:

In what way are you starting the C2 server (command)? If using localhost or as hostname, it will fail big time.

Thats the way I was starting it...

How do I do it if I want to run it on my local server and connect my Packet Squirrel to it?

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Use the IP address of the machine where the C2 server is running, i.e. something like

./c2-3.2.0_amd64_linux -hostname

(if it's a Linux box that has that specific IP address on the local network)

Then generate a new device.config file and transfer it to the Squirrel

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When I do this it still doesn't work. I got a new device.config and transferred it into the /etc directory on the squirrel, and still nothing. Also if I try to ping the IP address of the machine that the server is running on from the Squirrel it doesn't work

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If you can't even ping the machine where the C2 server from the Squirrel, then you have some networking issues (or that the Squirrel simply hasn't got an active connection to the local network). Can you ping some other devices on the same network from the Squirrel? Do you run some local firewall on the computer where you run the C2 server? Id so, are ports open to the C2 server?

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