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Full install Openwrt

Miss S

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I had enough of the system that comes with this device (but like the hardware), so wish to just wipe it and install it with just openwrt. Not the current system openwrt with the flaky web interface. Anyone tried this before?

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Not heard anyone doing it, probably since there is no value in buying a custom built device and revert it to some kind of standard device, but... everyone is free to do what they want.

One way MIGHT be to use the images that are available on the OpenWrt web site. It says it's for the Mark VII but it's nothing that is supported by Hak5 as far as I know. If I remember it correctly (don't have the Pineapple started atm), fw 2.1.3 is based on 21.02.1 and the OpenWrt version of the bin file in the link below is said to be 22.03.5 so there's at least some difference.  Either way, such operations will void warranty but that's pretty obvious.


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Hi dark_pyrro,

Looong story short, I brought this device a few years back, and was in on dated with bugs, user ability terrible. I took it on a job once and had to just turn it off, with embarrassment. I have now build my own Wi-Fi pen tester using a banana pi, which works as I need it. I hope hak5 have sorted out a lot of these issues I had.

I disagree with you, that this is "custom" device. The pineapple is a generic device for the masses. So whilst your pro hak5 pine... Its just not possible to please everyone in this world. I am lucky that I understand tech, so I can/will do as I must.

Anyway, I dug it up and was going to throw it away and decided I could use it for my mesh network or as a Wi-Fi repeater. So all is not lost. I think your link will do the job, I just want a clean version of openwrt on the device without hak5 "code" on it. I've used openwrt for years now, so I'll just install luci  hopefully I can make some use of this device, if not I'll throw it away with a lesson learnt...

If it sounds too good to be true, then.....


Thanks for your help dark_pyrro



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For those who are stuck like I was and wish to run just Openwrt on their device, ie wipe the device of hak5 here's how to on Linux.

Note: The Wi-Fi pineapple just runs on top of the Openwrt framework. It runs a web server (ie the web interface we get), with a bunch of exec('...') commands in php or even python, with a pretty bootstrap layout. If you just install openwrt on the device, you can do all sorts of powerful features eg, evil portals, web servers, MITM, php, airmon etc.. and/or anything that the pineapple currently does today. All in Openwrt and much more, could even write your own web GUI! (which I don't advise).

1) Download the Openwrt upgrade firmware from Firmware page 

2) Create a static connection so your pc can connect to the Wifi Pineapple as advised Connecting to the WIFI Pineapple on Linux 

3) Turn off all your Wi-Fi connections and Ethernet (I do this to stop any ip confusion within my machine)

4)  We now need to put the Wifi Pineapple into recovery mode so..

      Connect a USB-C to USB-A lead to the pineapple and your PC, hold the reset button until you get 3 red blinking lights, then release the reset button. The light should stay  red. If not, try again. I hold the reset button before I connect the lead.

5) Connect your pc to the Connection you setup in point 2.

6) In browser type if should show Wifi pineapple recovery mode webpage, asking you to upload a new firmware image

7) Browse the firmware you downloaded in point 1, then upload. Let it do its stuff, blue light flashing.

8) When point 7 finished. Delete the connection in step 2 .

9) Disconnect, then reconnect the USB-C lead (power off/on).

10) Your PC should now recognise a Ethernet connection. Do a ifconfig .

11) In browser type

12) This is the Openwrt luci page. All done!

To install packages on this device the device will need internet connect so..

In a terminal

ifconfig wlan0 up

This will turn on the "radio" antenna so you can connect to your home Wi-Fi and download packages and firmware as required.

Good luck advantageous one...





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