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Bootable XP Disc


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Hey guys, I'm wondering... I want to make a bootable CD/DVD image of pretty much my own custom XP install.


Install XP/Vista then install all the programs I want to use and possibly 1 specific directory I want to add and burn it as a bootable operating system.

Wondering how I could accomplish this, I know Norton Ghost images the hdd but it seems as if it will only image it to restore a current installation, I would like to have this disc handy for say troubleshooting purposes, etc.

I've heard of N-Lite or something like that, and bart's PE builder. I've actually tried bart's p.e. builder and wasn't too impressed it didn't seem to fit my needs and most of my programs it had wouldn't run properly.

Appreciate any advice:)

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Thanks nixgeek and Blunderboy

I assume ERD stands for Emergency Recovery Disk, which I believe I do have somewhere or something like it. The only thing is would that allow me to create my own XP installation and run it bootable along with my choice of programs? I shall google now and give n-lite a shot :)

Thanks guys.

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Sorry Sparda, Yes live CD is what im looking for, but actually that would be nice also a bootable XP CD/DVD containing the programs of my choice so every program I use will install along with XP, glad you mentioned it :D I actualy thought about that the other day, but forgot all about it.

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Yea I tried Barts P.E. Builder and wasn't too impressed. The applications I created with the P.E. image none of them worked properly at all and really didn't do anything but crash alot. Reatago I never heard of I'll check that out, but N-Lite is probably what will work I'm gonna give that a shot tonight.

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It's not exactly an xp live cd, which owuld probably require a dvd to really be usefull, but for a small alternative there is this:


It's a custom compilation of ReactOS, WINE, and WindowsXP dlls to mimic xp on a live cd. I posted the DiGG link instead of just the forum link because there is some more comments there to read all about it. But check their forum post and see if it might be what you need it for.

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