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Difficulty Establishing Internet Connection for Pineapple Mark VII


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Greetings All ...

I'm trying to establish and maintain a connection between my MacBook Air 2 and my Pineapple Mark VII. After I log into the UI, I go to the Internet Connection link, then click on the Network Settings button on the pop-up window labelled "Connect to the Internet?"

I can configure Wireless Client Mode using the wlan2 interface. I select my Access Point, provide credentials, receive an IP address and everything looks good.

But I can't do anything beyond that. Scanning doesn't pick up any SSIDs. Campaigns don't pick up any detail or generate a report. And when I go back to the Internet Connection link, the pop-up window shows "If looks like your Wifi Pineapple isn't connected to the Internet."

From there, I go back to Network Settings, and see that I'm connected to my Access Point via the wlan2 interface.

I can't check for updates. I can't access modules. And the Dashboard is empty.

What am I doing wrong here?

Sincerely ...


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