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how to Make a RFID zapper ...


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Julian put together a plan for a RFID zapper, the information below was translated but reads not bad.

Project Page.

UPDATE: Julian was kind enough to send in a hand translated version. The text below has been changed accordingly. (Thanks Julian)

“This drawing represents schematically the circuit board of a disposable camera with built-in flash. Also, the necessary design changes are illustrated. Essentially, the “on-switch†(On-Schalter) must remain closed permanently, e.g. by a solder point. The switch for activating the flash (Blitz-Schalter) must be deacitvated and/or removed, as well as the flash bulb (Blitz-Birne). Now a coil with 5 windings of 1mm diameter enameled copper wire (Kupferspule) is connected to the capacitator (Kondensator) with two cables and a momentary switch (ZAP-Schalter). The little bulb (Bereit-Birne) that glows when the capacitator is fully charged can stay in place. But it is better to remove it and connect it with two extension cables again. So, it can be glued clearly visible under a hole in the case afterwards. Finally, the battery holder (Kontaktklemmen) gets removed and a recharchable battery (Akku) is connected to the contacts with cables and a switch (ON-Schalter). For convenience, a charging jack (Ladebuchse) can be added as well. I used a 3.5mm audio jack.

The contacts of the momentary switch used to discharge the capacitator into the coil can weld together due to the very high current. This problem disappeared after 6 or so activations.

An interesting observation can be made when activating the Zapper about 0.5†away from the metal lampshade of a anglepoise lamp. It produces a “ping†sound as if one flips the fingernail against it. This phenomenon indicates that the magnetic field of the Zapper should be sufficient to destroy any RFID- chip at close range.â€

source : http://hackedgadgets.com/2006/10/08/rfid-zapper/

much much much more info here : https://events.ccc.de/congress/2005/wiki/RFID-Zapper%28EN%29

this would be really great for the show aswell , i could use some more guidance :P

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when i built my coil gun for physics last year, this is pretty much the same thing, only instead of just sending it into people, i lunched it down a wire coil, to magnitize it, thesefore sending a Ball Bearing flying out the end.

though just a side note, the standard compacitor will generate around 1000v, so be safe when playing with the cam, it can de-fid ur heart.

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Very Interesting. If you get anywhere near my robot I'm constructing for batelle I'll kill you! (It uses RFID tags for identification of kids)

It's an interesting idea, but I don't see it being worth the effort. Unless you have an enemy you'd like to piss off.

May I suggest an ion gun? I have schematics. It's a lot more work, but it shoots a jet of ions in a direction that sting a person. Invisible and efficient :D You can also move tiny objects like paper around a bit at a time.

There's the bell.


I honestly do not see the purpose of this. Orginizations that require RFID clearance usually have alternative ways of getting into the complex. Simply destroying the card will only stall the person from getting into the building. My mother lost her RFID card and they admitted her a card within 5 minutes to get in and had her a card by the end of the day.

I suppose it could be useful if you were targeting someone that uses RFID to protect something of theirs (ex: me). Even then, that person should know how to use the system if it comes down to it.

If you were a hitman it would be plenty useful though :o

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I'm a rather anti-RFID kind of guy, but I always wonder what happens when you flash your ID card when you're supposed to (whenever that may be) and the person trying to scan it notices the chip is busted. Do they simply manually enter some ID code that is present on the card, allowing them to obtain the needed information on you (i.e. the RFID chip is for easy accessability only) or if this would put you in the eeeevil terrorist smuggler bend-over-so-we-can-inspect-your-colon category.

If the latter case becomes true, it might be wiser to figure out some sort of shielding (tin foil?) to keep the card in as you're carrying it, ensuring that nobody can read it unless you knowingly (and, one would assume, willingly) allow them to.

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Nice, will be very useful for frying all the rfid chips they are putting on the bins around here prior to starting to charge us by weight for the trash!!as if we don't pay enough already.

Have any council actually said they are going to do that? I know it's a possibility, but at the moment the RFID chips (which have been in place for like a year now) have just been used for statistics so far. And on a slightly related note, what pisses me off is fucking Daily Mail readers saying RFIDing bins is an invasion of privacy, but doing nothing about the immeasurably more sinister ID cards and backend TIA database. Probably because they hate immigrants and they think ID cards will make them all go away.

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