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Deadly DIY Desk Fan


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I just learnt a valuable lesson - if you're gonna build a desk fan, don't use paper to direct the air flow unless you're gonna stick it down...

I have 2 120mm case fans together running off a 12v wall wart... with a paper tube and a paper funnel wedged in the end with a piece of plastic from something I destroyed to direct the air and the funnel just fired itself at me and scared me half to death... it's a 'cool' mod though if you have a couple spare fans lying about and you'll be 'blown away' by the results of something so quick and easy! Great to 'chill' in front of while watching your favourite IPTV show... I'm quite a 'fan' of this Hak.5 myself, since some of the others I've come across just seem to 'blow hot air'...

*bad joke sfx*

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