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Bricked my U3 Verbatim Store'N'Go 1gig. Need to restore.


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I used the Universal Customizer Release on my Verbatim 1gig U3 drive and it completed successful (it said).

I ejected the drive and then put it back in. The U3 menu no longer appears. I can only navigate to the cd drive and see the files that it copied there:




As I said, it's a cd drive, so I do not have Write access to the drive.

What can I do?

Can someone provide me with a way of fixing this?

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Thanks, but that link was for sandisk drives only.

However, I was able to answer my own question.

While verbatim does not provide a u3 recovery, they did have a vista patch for my drive. http://www.verbatim.com/downloads/U3/u3upd...verbatim_us.exe

Should I have wanted to completely remove u3 from the drive, I could have used:


All my original files are still intact. and now I have the added side effect of being able to read the thumb drive on a Vista computer. sweetness.

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