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Or maybe Half-Assed Hack II?


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This one's not quite so half-assed as the one I posted a moment ago - it's quite different, that's why it's got it's own thread...

I have sitting in front of me now: (yeah I know, I recycled that line...)

1 x 8v Wireless camera,

1 x 9-12v Receiver w/Composite Out for aforementioned camera.


(The receiver is no longer in it's case - I took it out to mod it into my rig but then I decided to remove it again... it's now a bunch of circuits on my desk).

Now, the thing is, the camera's power socket came loose because it was cheap and tacky... I cut the socket off of the little power cable and what do I see? Erm... 3 wires... A red one, a white one and a yellow one...

The problem is that I don't know how this works... I'm used to having a + and a - and maybe some data wires in there somewhere - but there's nowhere for data to go, 'cos it's wireless! The data goes out of the antenna... now, I know transmitters have odd circuits because you can't just have one end of a circuit going nowhere, but I can't figure out which wire is which... I'm rather hoping I haven't killed the poor little thing by reversing the polarity of the power (for too long)... It's a bit difficult to use trial and error because whilst trying to test which wires go where, I have to also make sure that the receiver is tuned... it has a manual tuning dial just to make things difficult!

If anyone has any ideas, do yell, and when I get it figured out I will decide what to mod it into... it's gotta go somewhere... *thinks*...

Cheers guys, MLOIOTN

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I dunno, this thing does get pretty hot... but thanks...

*grabs petrol, drops some on the floor and accidentally drops his lit cigarette... then runs around in a circle getting slightly warm... then uses his Deadly DIY Desk Fan to blow himself out...*


*slowly meanders back towards the topic...*

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