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Mk7 supported lte - Huawei E3372


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Does anyone know if the Mk7 supports the Huawei E3372 ootb or will it require opkg install? I tried to find a list of supported lte for the mk7 but only found the YT video by Glytch and can't afford/source the quectel.

Any info appreciated.


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Thanks for the replies.

So I'm guessing it will have to be in stick mode not hilink and install dependencies using opkg to see if it works.

Does the mk7 work with any of the lte modems that were supported by previous pineapple versions? 

I'm trying to figure out if I can make something small that can be strapped to a balloon or similar and access remotely because...warballooning!

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Yes, stick mode most likely.

There are no official list of LTE devices that I've seen. The only one that I know of is Glytch YouTube "project". I've used a Huawei 4G device (that is not a USB stick) where the USB connection "emulates" a Ethernet device. A bit larger than a USB stick, but probably a bit easier to get up and running.

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