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Cloud C2 - Web interface (QUACK MODE) - enable ssh

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Dear community,

is it possible to use the command ENABLE_SSH also in the Quack Mode in the web interface under CONFIGURATION.

Can someone try that for me, if it's possible to start ssh via the "ENABLE QUACK MODE" or any other chance to start ssh via web interface except reverse ssh connection.


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54 minutes ago, dark_pyrro said:

You need to be more detailed/specific. What configuration are you referring to? What ENABLE_SSH command?

In the hak5 c2 webinterface of the keycroc exists Enable QUACK MODE. I think there it's possible to execute bash commands.

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On 5/8/2023 at 11:24 AM, dark_pyrro said:

OK, you didn't mention the Key Croc in your first post, so not all obvious.

Still my question

is valid. What command and what do you want it to do for you?


My plan was to use the Enable QUACK Mode in the webinterface to start a service or just id information.

If the quark mode in the webinterface of the keycroc is enabled the value STRING "$(id)" doesn't result the command just the text "$(id)". So there is no advanced command possible.

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