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Install XP with no CD drive.


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Another option would be to remove the drive from the laptop with the broken rom, install it in another laptop or a desktop (using an IDE adaptor) and install windows from there.

After the install, run sysprep.exe (in deploy.cab in the supporttools folder on the WinXP disc), power the laptop/desktop system down (dont restart it or you'll need to run sysprep again) and move the drive back into the laptop with the broken rom. It should redetect all the hardware on first boot.

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Yes. It's primary purpose is to allow an install of windows (and applications) to be deployed across several machines, even if they have different hardware.

There are some situations where it won't work though. One example i've seen is when i installed Windows on an IDE drive, then attempted to move it to another system where the drive was connected using an IDE > SATA adaptor. The result was a bluescreen, as it couldn't recognise the controller. Installing the SATA controller drivers before running sysprep got it working though.

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That's interesting. I was under the impression that sysprep could only be used when, for instance, ghosting an image to an identical PC, thereby avoiding having to go through the lengthy OS installation process on each PC. All that has to be entered then are the PC specific details, such as the COA key and computer name.

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Hey guys,

How would I go about formatting and re-installing Windows XP on my laptop when the DVD is broke.

I have another computer on the network and am thinking about sharing the drive across the network, only thing is I have no floppy drive in the laptop either so can't use a boot disk.

Any ideas of how I can accomplish this?

will it boot a usb thumb drive?

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