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Ive got Kubuntu 6.06lts running on a

Pentium 3 1ghz

512mb Ram

60gb Hard-drive

Radeon 9250

and am very impressed with how it runs.

I just wanted to spread the word of how well it has worked for me. Maybe someone else wants to try it. Very good for wardriving I might add.

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there is a massive community around 6.06 and as for out of date, well not really, all my hardware works and all my software works on the newest version, so I wouldnt call it out of date. Even though there is a newer version available. I actually have 6.10 and I went back to 6.06 because I liked it better

plus ship it will send you the 6.06 cds for free meaning I dont have to waste any money

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I am doing a dist-upgrade to Kubuntu 6.10 right now and when 7.04 is ready to be released then I will do a dist-upgrade to that. I think Ubuntu 6.10 just had problems running on my laptop so now I am gonna try running it on a desktop.

The same config as above but keep your finger crossed that it will still work with my USB Belkin Wireless adapter.

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