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Bash Bunny Mark 1 (upgrade Debian from Jessie)


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I have not used my Bash Bunny in quite some time. I want to get the repositories working again (/etc/apt/source.list) but it’s pointing to the Jessie and Stretch repos (some repos appear to be offline). That said, it’s also showing keyring keys expiring. I have tried doing an “apt-key update” (even removing the old trusted.gpg and trusted.gpg.g/) and the old keys are not getting updated. This tells me that I should upgrade to the new repos. I’m not sure how to do this without causing issues. How would I upgrade to a newer Debian? I know it’s a matter of changing “Jessie” and “Stretch” to something different in /etc/apt/source.list; but what would be best? My question is, is there an official source.list for Bash Bunny? This issue aside, my bash bunny works fine. I only care in case I want to install new packages. (I prefer to use the “apt-get” instead of placing packages in /tools)


Again, I have not used my bash bunny in some time.

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Doing modifications such as replacing the current distro with some newer version is something I wouldn't suggest doing. Jessie is for sure a Debian version that is an archived release, but bringing the Bunny to something else than what was on the Bunny out of the box is not a good idea. Of course, you could tweak and hack the Bunny and see if it's possible, but you most likely are on your own doing that. Even if Jessie is a archived, it's possible to install packages using apt.

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