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Upgrade OpenWrt version on PacketSquirrel


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The latest firmware update available for the PS is 3.2 from 2019: https://downloads.hak5.org./squirrel

I have the feeling that this equipment is not really maintained any more. And yet recent builds of OpenWrt are still being released for the PS: https://firmware-selector.openwrt.org/?version=22.03.5&target=ath79%2Fgeneric&id=hak5_packet-squirrel

So my question is: is there a list of customization work done, scripts etc to build Hak5 software for the PS on top of a more recent release of OpenWrt?

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I wouldn't use those generic builds based on newer versions. I've seen them on the OpenWrt HCL for other Hak5 devices as well, but I can't see that they are sanctioned or sourced from Hak5. I haven't seen any unofficial projects either that builds the full PS functionality on top of any generic release and my guess is that you are pretty much on your own if you attempt to do it and without official support. Why do you want to put a newer version of OpenWrt on the PS? Anything specific that you are missing in the current release, or just "newer is better but I don't really know why I actually want/need it"?

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All the mentioned is possible to install (nmap should even be available out of the box). The thing that probably will be the biggest challenge is getting things to fit in the rather limited storage regardless what OpenWrt version that is used (perhaps even more difficult with a newer or more generic "non Hak5" version). It's of course possible to redirect installs to the USB attached storage, but not always the optimal way of doing things.

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