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Iphone Keylogging Basics


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Hello all!


Wanting to learn to keylog an iphone with OMG cable. A few questions.


Will it work with an OMG Cable connected to just a wall charger, not a computer. So that when someone want to charge their phone with the cable the script will run once plugged in or does it have to be connected to a computer?


Does it have to be connected to the wifi that that phone is near or will it connect via the cellular connection of the phone?


Does the phone have to be programmed to inject and run the scripts when it is plugged in to charge?


If so will it be noticed by the user?


Can you run them at a later time over cellular remotely when you know the phone is not being used so that nothing is noticed? 


I THINK that is all for now. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. 

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