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vista 32bit cracked , 1 click activator out :P


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Vista 32-bit one click activator (BIOS Emulation)

Finally, a crack that activates Vista! There's been many cracks for Vista which were in the form of TimeStoppers. These cracks merely delayed activation. The only working activation crack was the hacked KMS server image (MelindaGates Activation Server image) which many people found difficult to execute. Well, now there is no need to mount images and pull your hair off of trying to get Vista activated. TEAM Paradox has stepped up and kicked serious Microsoft ass with the Vista BIOS Emulation Crack!

How does it work?

Microsoft has allowed the selling of pre activated systems with Vista for major PC manufacturers such as Lenovo and Acer. This crack is designed to emulate the BIOS of a branded PC from Acer, ASUS, Lenovo etc.

BIOS emulation + OEM Certificate + Product Key == Legitimate, Activated copy of Windows Vista

Who made it?

The original crack was made by Team Paradox. The one click version with automation was created by CLoNY. Credit goes to all of them!


This crack works with any Windows Vista 32-bit version only. It does not work with 64-bit installations.

i have a torrent link but , will not post it (just cos it isn't allowed ....)

if u want it get it off of the link on the source page ....

sources : http://dlss.be.tt/?VistaCrackedArticle

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